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Facebook Faces a Patent Problem

February 14th, 2013

Mark Zuckerberg won’t be hitting the “Like” button on this story.

According to reports, Facebook is being sued by a Dutch computer programmer for allegedly infringing on patents for the now-iconic “Like” button. Rembrandt Social Media has sued for unspecified royalties, claiming their patents were created for an early “online diary” program.

Laura GazeLaura Gaze, Director, IP Solutions: Facebook has faced plenty of litigation, but this case could spark an interesting trend. As Facebook has matured and evolved as a network, it has added enhancements to make the user’s experience more personal. Without having any knowledge of Facebook’s next move, one would suspect more enhancements like the “Like” button may be on their way. If Rembrandt is successful in their suit, will more companies come out of the woodwork to lay claim to parts of Facebook’s individual features?

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